OtherSideOfWar by geo geller – war seen through the eyes of young people

June 17, 2013

Other Side Of War by geo geller

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Other Side Of War by geo geller


war seen through the eyes of children/young people documentary



in the end Soldiers Of Miss-Fortune not about soldiers
but about us about what we can learn about trust and about community !

Conversations on Empathy & Beyond
geo geller
geo (at) OtherSideOfWar.com

Golda Meir once said: “there will be peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us…”

i would say it “when the leaders of the world love their children/people more then themselves and their self interest…”

NOTE: playlist will move automatically to next 2 video – if nothing comes up then please reload page also best to watch in full screen – this is work in progress and needs color correction or maybe not – the color is like the surreal color of war seen through the eyes of somebody battle fatigued


No Thank You
Darija is available for media and speak engagements – contact me at email above

unedited – first minute audio rough while i was setting camera and sound up but running the camera anyway

Senka – Looking for Me (2006)

YOU-Manity Where Are You? (2016)

Anjana – Child Soldiers in Nepal (2006)

contact geo (at) OthersSideOfWar.com

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